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VR Hotel IV - VR Shemale Threesome

3D 180° 60 FPS
Studio:  VirtualRealTrans (109 videos)
Starring: Lena Kelly Natalie Mars
Aug 26, 2019
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Uh oh, it looks like there's been some kind of mix up. Look, so far it's been hard to complain about the class A service here at the VR Hotel, but this is just inexcusable, you and Lena Kelly were booked into the same room! Well, if you're going to be stuck together, you may as well enjoy yourselves, right? Lena Kelly might be one of the cutest blonde shemales in the business, with a body that's just too good to be true, so how could you ever resist the opportunity to let her wrap her lips around your cock. That outfit looks AMAZING on her, but it's only topped by the chance you'll get to take all of it off. By the time Natalie Mars shows up to help you fix the room mixup, you're already in the middle of the action. So what's this smoking hot brunette shemale to do besides join in? VirtualRealTrans is making your WILDEST shemale fantasies come true when you get to experience something that's a real unicorn for T-girl fans: A threesome featuring two of the hottest babes around. Each of these t-girls is ready to get spitroasted, and with three cocks to please, you just know you're headed for one very sticky, messy, finale!

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What about part 3?
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